How do you get new customers for your product and/or services?

How much is a new customer worth to you?

The purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to get prospective customers to your website by getting keywords or key phrases as high as possible on Google.You want quality traffic to your site with potential customers.We get you quality traffic.

The main factor is competition of keywords. We have tools and are able to analyze how much competition there are for words or phrases. The objective is to find phrases that don't have as much competition and focus on those while also making steps toward getting good rankings for competitive keywords.

It takes a few months at a minimum to start seeing success. Google’s algorithms are very complex and changes quite a bit.

Here is what is involved:


1. We get a list of keywords and phrases from you (around 20)

2. We do analysis on these to determine completion and search volumes.

3. We may recommend tweaking or changing some of these

4. Once the list is agreed upon, we set up the optimization on the site in order to get Googles attention.

Monthly work:

1. Once the site is set up we monitor the progress.

2. You will get a monthly report showing the progress of each search term

3. We will make adjustments as required by Google to stay in their good graces

4. We will deliver quality backlinks, which is a requirement of Google to improve rankings and get attention

5. We also want to hear from you on wins. Anytime a new customer hears about you from searching online, we'd like to hear about it.

Give it a try. You will be glad you did!